About - Adam C. Emery: Photography


For the last thirty or so years I've been taking pictures.

Whether it was the 80's and I was wandering New York with a Polaroid, or later in Kenya with a Fujica and slide film, or today toting the latest and greatest Canon DSLRs, there’s rarely been a time I didn't have a camera in-hand. However, it took more than a passion for photography to make me take the plunge and turn pro.

After spending nearly 20 years in design; first as an architect, and later as a graphic designer; I'd watched from the side lines as the photography industry settled into a long, slow, decline. Photographers I'd worked with for years were suddenly forced to close their doors as cheap digital cameras flooded the market and convinced the world that everyone was a photographer. Later, cheap smartphones came along, then DSLRs, then Facebook and Instagram, and suddenly the photography industry was in free fall and the world seemed fairly certain it could move along just fine without them.

But then, something magical happened.

About three years ago, people realized that they'd taken enough pictures to know what was bad, and what was good, and that they overwhelmingly wanted the best they could get.

And so a photographic renaissance was born, and this time I refused to stand on the sidelines and watch it go by.

So here I am; photographer, designer, architect, lover of beautiful things, camera still in-hand, offering an eye that's benefited from a lifetime of photography, design theory, and know-how.

Know that if we work together, you're in good hands. I've been you; the client searching for a photographer who can help you realize your vision. I know exactly how it feels; a mix of fear, excitement, and desperation. And I know exactly what you want - the very best.

And I won't rest until you get it.
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